Rocco Cibi Cotti was born from our passion for good food and fine dining and from our will to open a place where the high tradition of Italian cuisine blends with the pleasure of experimenting, thus creating everchanging menus enriched by the dishes of our table. All fresh pastas, bread and dessert are made in our kitchen following true Italian traditions and recipes.

Buon appetito!


It’s our special feature, our food boutique offers a fine selection of hard-to-find Italian specialties such as extra vergin olive oil, honey, farmstead cheeses, Parma ham and other traditional salumi (cured meats) and, of course, wine.
Our shop functions as both a lunch time destination and an after work grocery stop where you find all the ingredients to discover our flavour palate.
All our products come from selected and certified italian producers.


In addition to hand-selecting all bottles, Rocco Cibi Cotti serves a playful and delicious array of beers and hand-crafted drinks, especially aperitivi, as the typical laid-back and relaxed Italian style requires.
Our casual-chic vibe makes Rocco equally ideal for a leisurely dinner, late night drinks or a quick and delicious lunch.